Did you know that Canva has a feature where you can create an image from a text description, and it will generate it using AI?

We tested this feature to tell you:

  • how to write a query to get the most relevant images;
  • pros and cons of this feature.
AI Text-To-Image Generator in Canva

Stable Diffusion

Canva’s Text-to-Image feature generates an image by Stable Diffusion, it’s based on an image generation technique called latent diffusion models (LDMs).

This feature is available in Canva for free in a limited mode (up to 100 images per day), and creates 4 images for each request. So you have 25 tries. All generated images will download into your account.

You can write a query for the Canva’s Text-to-Image feature in your native language or in English. The same query in different languages or new same query gives you different (exclusive) results. See the examples in the photo to this post.

Available settings:

1. Style: concept art, photo, painting, drawing, 3d, pattern.

2. Aspect ratio: square, landscape and portrait.

AI Text-To-Image Generator in Canva

For making good requests, we recommend:

1) Use precise wording. Otherwise, you risk getting an incomprehensible image.

2) Combine the main terms and clarifications.

For example, the query could be “family” or it could be “realistic photo of a family of 3, Steve McCarry style”.

3) Specify the style of the image (Baroque, Renaissance, Surrealism,…) or use the name of the famous artist/photographer in the query.

AI Text-To-Image Generator in Canva

4) Specify camera or lens parameters.

For example, if you want to get the image of an object shot in macro mode with a 180mm lens, then specify in the query: 180mm lens.

Pros of Text to Image in Canva:

– supports queries in more than 100 languages;

– it is easy to create your original image just describing it;

– you get a good result if you formulate your query well;

– generated images automatically get to the downloads in your account.

Cons Text-to-Image:

– the people in the generated images don’t always come out realistic, especially the emotions, eyes and fingers;

AI Text-To-Image Generator in Canva

– the free version of Canva has a limit of up to 100 generations per day from one account (so you can buy Canva’s Pro version).

Canva is a convenient and simple online design and publishing tool. And the ability to create original images by Text-to-Image feature makes it more attractive for users.

Do you use Canva or another tool? Please share in the comment below.

* The image generated by Text-to-Image in Canva

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