Alt Text

Alt Text, short for “alternative text,” is a crucial feature in email marketing, especially for email newsletters. It serves as a textual substitute for images, aiding accessibility for users who cannot view images due to technical issues, disabilities, or email client settings. By providing a brief description of the image content, Alt Text ensures that the message of the email remains clear and inclusive, even when images fail to load.

Importance of Alt Text

  1. Accessibility: Alt Text is fundamental for visually impaired subscribers who rely on screen readers to understand the content.
  2. Deliverability: Some email clients block images by default. Without Alt Text, the information contained in those images is lost.
  3. Engagement: Engaging Alt Text can complement the visual message and maintain interest.

Implementation Examples

  1. Promotional Banner: For an image of a seasonal sale banner, effective Alt Text might be: “Summer Sale: Up to 50% off on all items.”
  2. Product Image: For a newsletter featuring a new skincare product, suitable Alt Text could be: “New Anti-Aging Serum with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.”

How to Add Alt Text

In most email marketing platforms, adding Alt Text is straightforward:

  1. Drag and Drop Builder: When you drag an image into your email template, typically, there’s an option to enter Alt Text directly in the image properties panel.
  2. HTML Code: For those proficient in HTML, Alt Text can be included with the alt attribute within the img tag:
   <img src="product-image.jpg" alt="New Anti-Aging Serum with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid">

Interesting Facts and Best Practices

  • Character Limit: While there’s no universal standard, concise Alt Text typically ranges between 125-150 characters. This brevity ensures clarity and efficiency.
  • SEO Benefits: Though primarily for accessibility, Alt Text can contribute to search engine optimization (SEO) by providing context to search engines.
  • Testing: Always preview your emails with images disabled to ensure Alt Text conveys the intended message adequately.
  • Descriptive Yet Succinct: Avoid “image of” or “photo of” as these are redundant. Be direct and specific.

Additional Tips

  • Consistency: Ensure Alt Text aligns with the tone and language of your overall email content.
  • Contextual Relevance: Alt Text should add value and be relevant to the surrounding text to provide a seamless experience.


Alt Text is an often-overlooked but immensely valuable element in email marketing. It not only enhances accessibility and improves user experience but also ensures that your message is consistently conveyed, regardless of image display issues. Incorporating well-thought-out Alt Text in your email newsletters can significantly elevate their effectiveness and inclusiveness, making it a best practice for all email marketers to adopt.

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