Email Clients

An email client is a software application used to access and manage a user’s email. In the realm of email marketing, particularly concerning email newsletters, the email client plays a pivotal role in how your content is presented and engaged with by recipients. Email clients can be desktop-based like Microsoft Outlook or web-based like Gmail and Yahoo Mail, and each has unique features and limitations that can affect how newsletters are displayed.

Implementation Examples

  1. Gmail: Gmail is widely popular for both personal and business use. However, it tends to clip emails longer than 102 KB and is known for not fully supporting certain CSS properties, making it essential for email marketers to conduct thorough testing to ensure their emails render correctly.
  2. Outlook: Microsoft’s Outlook offers robust support for many CSS properties but struggles with media queries, commonly used in responsive design. Email designers often craft specific styling for Outlook to maintain aesthetics and functionality.
  3. Apple Mail: Known for its high compatibility with various HTML and CSS properties, Apple Mail provides a rich experience for email viewing. Marketers targeting an audience that predominantly uses Apple devices often have more creative flexibility.

Interesting Facts

  • Mobile Dominance: A significant portion of emails are now opened on mobile devices, requiring email clients to adapt and support responsive design. Email marketers must consider this trend to ensure their newsletters are visually appealing and readable on smaller screens.
  • Market Share Dynamics: The market share of email clients can change rapidly. Keeping abreast of these changes can help marketers prioritize testing across the most popular clients. For example, as of recent metrics, Apple iPhone’s native email client and Gmail are among the most frequently used.

Relevance in Email Marketing

The performance and compatibility of an email client can directly influence key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and overall user engagement. A well-designed email that functions flawlessly across various email clients enhances the user experience and drives better campaign results. Thus, understanding the nuances of different email clients becomes crucial for the optimization of email marketing strategies.


Email clients are an integral component of email marketing, acting as the final mediator between your content and its recipient. By understanding their unique traits and staying updated on industry trends, email marketers can craft optimized and effective newsletters that capture and retain audience interest.

Whether it’s tweaking CSS for compatibility issues or adapting content for mobile viewing, the effort invested in understanding email clients can significantly pay off in achieving better engagement and higher ROI in email marketing campaigns.

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