When creating an email layout, for more flexible placement of elements, you can use additional tags, which, when sending an email campaign, will be replaced with unique elements for each recipient.

[%unsubscribe_link%] is a link to unsubscribe from the mailing list which is a required element. If you do not insert this tag into the email layout on your own, then when sending, our platform will do it automatically – the “Unsubscribe” unit will be added to the bottom of the email, since the unsubscribe link is a mandatory requirement of receiving email services.

HTML code example: unsubscribe link

<a href="[%unsubscribe_link%]">Unsubscribe</a>

[%email%] is a mailing list recipient’s email which is a mandatory element, it will be added automatically to the bottom of the layout if you do not place it yourself.

[%View_link%] is a link to the web version of the letter. When sending an email campaign, the tag is replaced with a link with the web version of the letter. This is a useful feature that allows the recipient to view the letter as a web page, if for some reason, the email layout is not displayed correctly in his or her mail service (or mail client).

Using parameters to generate a link

A necessary condition for the substitution of parameters in the link is to specify the protocol, the rest of the link can be added from the parameter.

Example: https://[%link%]

the link value must start with a domain name, such as “mysite.com/foo/bar”

for example, https://mysite.com/?name=[%link%]

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